Cats Normally Don't Breathe Through Their Mouths


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Adopting kittens from Craigslist can be much different than adopting a kitten from your local shelter. Let us guide you through the process so you can avoid scams, stay away from shady breeders, and do everything you can to ensure you get a happy and healthy kitten!

Why does my cat meow in the bathroom

Cats are awesome and they’re hilarious and anybody who says otherwise shouldn’t be trusted! Having said that, cats also do some pretty goofy things that always leave their owners wondering what exactly is going on inside their heads. Why do cats like to go into the bathroom to meow?

What eats cats in the food chain

When I think about cats I hate thinking about things affecting them negatively, such as which animals think of cats as a tasty snack. However, knowing what their common predators are will help you avoid a bad situation. This guide is important for both outdoor cats and indoor cats!

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