How Much Do Tabby Cats Cost

How Much Do Tabby Cats Cost

Tabby cats are some of the most popular and well-loved felines around, but how much do tabby cats cost?

Tabby cats are so popular because of their looks and mannerisms. They’re friendly, loyal, and affectionate. Tabby cats can also be independent, which makes them a good fit for people who want a cat who will come when called but also hangs out on their own schedule.

But what exactly is a tabby cat? And how much do they cost? Are they good pets? Lets dive in and go over everything you’ll need to know about adopting a tabby cat.

Before we get started, we like to always point this out whenever we’re talking about specific breeds of cats or about cats with specific coats, patters, or mannerisms. You should ALWAYS try to adopt a cat. Cat breeders are detrimental to the rescue community. 

There are thousands and thousands of perfect and amazing kitties waiting to be adopted from shelters and rescue organizations. Buying a cat from a breeder means yet another kitty will go un-adopted. It also encourages breeders to keep breeding cats for the sole purpose of turning a profit. 

Shelters aren’t just full of feral cats who don’t know anything about human interaction. These cats and kittens go through a VERY rigorous process of health and behavioral checks before they’re available for adoption. 

What is a tabby cat

What Is A Tabby Cat

Tabby cats are not specific breeds of cats. The term ‘Tabby’ refers to the markings and patterns on their fur.

Tabby cats are named after the tabby pattern, which is characterized by stripes or bars on the body. The markings can range from small and very faint to large and quite prominent. There are actually different patterns of tabby. These patterns include:

  • Mackerel Tabbies – Consists of bold stripes running down the cat’s sides that intersect with each other at right angles (like a fish skeleton).

  • Classic Tabbies – Features thin parallel stripes down the length of their bodies. These may also have flecks or spots within them as well (especially around their necks).

  • Spotted Tabby – Is similar to classic tabbies except for having larger spots than classic tabbies instead of thin lines; these also tend to have darker markings around their necks as well as darker pawpads/toes/ears because these areas don’t often get covered up by fur during grooming routines like other parts do (usually!).

Tabby Cats: How Much Do They Cost

The cost of adopting a tabby cat varies. On average, the cost to adopt a tabby cat is going to be anywhere from $50-$200 depending on the shelter or rescue organization you adopt them from.

Keep in mind that adopting a new cat or kitten costs A LOT more than the adoption fee. Check out our New Kitten Checklist for an idea of what you should buy before adoption day. 

There are some special and exotic breeds of cats that are technically considered tabby cats as well, and those would cost A LOT more. For example, the Bengal cat with its prominent rosettes and exotic markings is technically considered a tabby. Bengals can cost $1500+! 

How much do tabby cats cost?

How Much Do Tabby Cats Cost To Take Care Of

Because the term tabby refers to their markings and not a specific breed, the cost of owning and taking care of a tabby is no different than that of any other cat. 

According to the ASPCA, the cost of owning and taking care of a tabby cat (or any cat) is going to be at least $600/yr or $50/mo for the absolute bare minimum. That includes but is not limited to:

  • Cat Food
  • Litter
  • Safe Toys
  • Treats
  • Recurring Medical Expenses (annual vet checkups, vaccinations, medication for fleas, ticks, and heartworms)

There are also a lot of unexpected costs that come with owning a tabby cat or any cat. These unexpected costs can take the form of a number of things ranging from replacing household items damaged by your cat, to emergency and unexpected visits to the vet. 

There are a number of good options available for pet insurance to help mitigate these unexpected vet costs. 

Are Tabby Cats Good Pets

Now we may be a little biased here, but all cats from the shelter are good pets! Tabbies are no exception to this rule. Despite tabby cats being just like any other cat except with a different coat, it’s thought that tabbies do share some personality traits.

Tabbies are known to be very friendly and playful. Oftentimes tabby cats will even play fetch! Tabby cats can also do pretty well at keeping themselves entertained so they’re great for families who work or go to school full time. 

Beware Of 'Exotic" Tabby Cats For First Time Owners

As we mentioned above, there are some exotic breeds that are technically considered tabby cats. Oftentimes these are more ‘exotic’ breeds. 

One prime example is the Bengal cat. These cats are NOT good cats for first-time cat owners. In fact, their bold personality only makes them an ideal choice for expert cat owners. I’m certain that most other Bengal cat owners will agree with this. 

Abyssinians are another good example of exotic cats that are technically tabby cats. They may be the exception to the rule above. These cats are pretty social and they love being your shadow, following you throughout the house. Abyssinians are not good cats for busy families as they require a lot of social time and interaction. 

Do tabby cats make good pets

Tabby Cats Are Cheap To Adopt And Make Great Pets

Overall, tabby cats are relatively inexpensive to adopt (assuming you’re staying away from breeders and exotic breeds) and they make great cats for most families regardless of schedules. Just be sure to adopt and not purchase from a breeder!

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