Do Cats Know When You Are Crying?

Do Cats Know When You Are Crying?

Yes, cats know when you are crying and can sense that you’re sad or upset. 

I’m sure all cat owners have had a terrible day that resulted them curled up in bed or on the couch, only to have their kitty come and snuggle up right next to them. No matter how sad you are, it’s always such a reassuring feeling.

Some people often assume that their cat decided to come lay down with them simply because the bed or couch looked comfy with you right there. And while that may be true sometimes, cats can still sense when something is wrong with you. 

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Cats are very attentive and very intuitive creatures. Being able to read their surroundings is how they managed to survive for thousands and thousands of years before humans domesticated them. Over the last few thousand years, cats have evolved to read the body language of humans. 

Cats can tell when you’re crying or when you’re sad. They can tell when you’re happy. They can even tell when you’re anxious or stressed out. Cats read this body language VERY well. 

It is scientifically proven that cats pick up on visual and auditory cues from humans. Your cat can read your facial expressions and can tell by the tone of your voice how you’re feeling. 

The longer you and your cat are together and the more you two bond, the better they become at reading your emotions. 

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Why Does My Cat Sit With Me When I'm Sad?

Over time your cat has likely learned if they come sit with you or lay down with you that they will likely get more petting, affection, and attention from you. 

Another scientific study of cats has shown that whenever a cat’s owner is pleased, the cat wants to spend more time with them. As a result, cats will try and please you (as best as they can) by trying to get more attention from you when you’re feeling sad or are crying. 

Cats can and will act differently when you have a smile on your face versus having a frown. Because the cat’s behavioral changes are so subtle many cat owners simply don’t notice it. But don’t let the subtlety fool you into thinking your cat doesn’t care how you feel!

There may be some other reasons as to why your cat sleeps between your legs too!

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Does My Cat Try To Comfort Me When I'm Sad?

Depending on how strong of a bond there is between you and your cat, there’s a good chance that if you’re sad then your cat is going to be sad (in their own way) as well. But why is this?

Whenever you’re happy your cat feeds off of that energy. If you’re happy it means you’re playing with your cat, showing them affection, and giving them all kinds of good attention. 

Coming up to you for pets and purring around you is your cat’s way of telling you to cheer up. Your cat knows you show them positive attention when you’re happy, so they’re trying their best to make you happy to elicit positive attention and affection from you. 

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How To Tell If Cats Know When You Are Crying

This one is very simple! Have you ever noticed if your cat comes up to you when you’re crying or when you’re sad? When they show up during your bad times do they start purring? Do they snuggle up with you? Do they show you affection and ask for pets? 

If your kitty does this then it likely means that you and your cat have formed a very special bond. It means that your cat knows how you’re feeling and they’re doing what they can to make you feel better and to make you feel comfortable! 

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