Can Cats Have Whipped Cream From Starbucks?

Can Cats Have Whipped Cream From Starbucks

Just about any dog owner who loves Starbucks have driven through and picked up a pup cup for their dog. These pup cups are just tiny cups of whipped cream that dogs absolutely love! But what about us cat lovers? Can cats have whipped cream from starbucks? Is there a pup cup for cats?

The Starbucks pup cup, also known as the puppuccino, is a secret menu item. Meaning, it’s not listed on their traditional menus and you have to specifically ask for it. They’re just little cups of whipped cream and, best of all, they’re completely free! 

Remember the older cartoons where someone would set down a bowl of milk for their new kitten to drink? TV and media in general perpetuated the myth that milk is healthy for cats. Most mammals, humans and cats included, are lactose intolerant

Lactose is an enzyme found in dairy products, including whipped cream and pup cups. Being lactose intolerant means that most cats simply can’t digest this lactose enzyme. Too much of it results in pain and discomfort. Most cats are even allergic to lactose. 

Cats Normally Don't Breathe Through Their Mouths

Cats LOVE Whipped Cream And Dairy In General

Despite being lactose intolerant, your cat is going to try to lie to you. They’ll beg you for whipped cream and pup cups. They’ll beg you to let them lick the milk out of your bowl of cereal. If your cat could talk then they would say “Whaaaat? No, I’m totally fine, just give me the whipped cream!”

DO NOT LET YOUR KITTY FOOL YOU! Dairy products are just one of a number of foods that your cat should avoid. Since the lactose doesn’t get digested, it just sits in your kitty’s stomach. While it sits in there it starts to ferment which produces very painful gas bubbles and discomfort. 

Cats Can Have SMALL Amounts Of Whipped Cream From Starbucks

Alright, we’ve spent this entire time telling you how dairy is bad for cats. Yet now we’re telling you it’s okay for them? What gives!

Dairy, whipped cream, pup cups, lactose, etc.. it is bad for cats in moderate amounts. Cats can have whipped cream from Starbucks in very small amounts. You can get a little bit on your finger and let your kitty lick it off as a rare treat. Just don’t get them too much and don’t make it a regular thing. 

You should NEVER give your cat an entire pup cup. If you’re reading this article because you’ve given your cat a whole pup cup and now you’re hopping on Google to see if cats can have whipped cream from Starbucks then you need to call your vet immediately

Why Do Cats Like Whipped Cream If They're Lactose Intolerant

If you’ve ever let your cat taste a pup cup even just once then they’re going to start begging you for more whipped cream from Starbucks. But why do they do this when they know that the lactose in dairy products will make them sick?

The answer is simple: FATS

Fats are made up of animal proteins. Dairy products have these same protein-packed fats. Your cat’s amazing sense of smell makes them crave the fats that are found in dairy. (Weirdly enough, it makes them crave earwax too!)

What’s cool about cats enjoying whipped cream from Starbucks, is that the fats and lactose aren’t as prevalent when the cream is whipped, just like they do for pup cups. This is why it’s okay to give your cat a little bit in tiny amounts! 

Why Do Kittens Drink Milk If Dairy Is Bad For Cats

When kittens and other mammals are born, they’re born with a special enzyme that lets their bodies break down lactose. This makes their mother’s milk easier to digest. Once kittens get to be about 4 weeks of age they start to lose that enzyme and their mothers start trying to ween them off of a 100% milk diet. 

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