Cats With Ear Piercings: Is It Safe?

Cats With Ear Piercings: Is It Safe?

Us humans love to accessorize and modify our bodies in ways that help us stand out and be unique. We might wear unique clothing or accessories. We might get tattoos and/or piercings. It’s a great way for us to express ourselves. But what about cats with ear piercings?

With all of this self expression going on, people often want to use their pets as accessories. For some pet owners that might mean a unique collar, others might get a designer pet taxi or cat carrier. But, sadly, there are a few people out there who want to pierce their cat’s ears. 

No, piercing your cat’s ears is unsafe and is considered animal abuse. There are too many factors that come into play. Simply owning cats with ear piercings is torture and it’s abuse. There are numerous reasons behind this. 

Your cat’s ear piercings are likely to get infected. Cats are great at grooming themselves and staying clean, but they can get a lot of bacteria from the mouths, their litterbox, and from other animals. This bacteria can survive through their excessive grooming and lead to an infection. 

Another reason why cats with ear piercings isn’t safe is that the cat will try its absolute hardest to remove the piercing. Could you imagine a cat quite literally pulling their piercings out and ripping the ears?

Your cat uses it’s ears to survive. Having a piece of plastic or metal on their ears can be extremely detrimental to them. Even when done as kittens so that they have time to “get used to it” is still extremely cruel and torturous. 

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The Woman Who Sold Cats With Ear Piercings: Gothic Kittens

Holly Crawford is a name that you’ve probably never heard before, but will remember forever after reading this article. Holly somehow thought it would be a good idea to create “Gothic Kittens” to sell. She though cats with piercings and cut off tails would be popular. 

These gothic kittens had their ears pierced, they had their necks pierced, and Holly even removed their tails. All of this is wrong on so many different levels. Thankfully, Holly ended up getting arrested for animal cruelty. 

To further illustrate just how terrible of a person Holly was, as if the animal cruelty wasn’t enough, she was later arrested for murder. Holly Crawford is now serving two life sentences

Are Cats With Ear Piercings Legal

The legality of piercing your cat’s ears is highly irrelevant. Piercing your cat’s ears is animal cruelty and is literally the same as torturing them.

Just because some local jurisdictions don’t specifically outlaw piercing your cats ears, that doesn’t mean it’s okay to do. 

Whether or not piercing your cat’s ears is legal, it should NEVER be done at all. Ever! 

Piercing Your Cats Ears Is Cruelty

Piercing Your Cats Ears Is Animal Cruelty

For some reason this trend is starting to grow in popularity. The fact that large eCommerce sites sell inexpensive piercing kits makes it even easier for animal abusers to abuse their cats by piercing their ears. 

These terrible excuses for humans simply want to accessorize their cat. They don’t care how the cat feels, they just think it looks cool.

Cats with piercings are forced to suffer through pain that is simply unnecessary. It’s unnatural, it’s inconvenient, and it interferes with your cat’s quality of life. 

Your Cat's Life Will Be In Danger With Piercings

Your cat’s ears are VERY important to both their quality of life and their survival. Their ears, though one of the most necessary body parts they have, are extremely fragile. Your cat’s ears are also filled with very complex nerve structures. 

When a cat’s ears are pierced, those nerve structures may likely get pierced as well. You are taking a piece of metal and literally cutting through very sensitive nerves. Your cat will feel uncomfortable and may even lose their sense of direction. 

Even small and minor damage to the nerves in your cat’s ears can have devastating effect. 

This nerve damage can lead to your cat going completely deaf. 


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