What Is The Latin Name For Cat?

What Is The Latin Name For Cat

No, no, no, you’re not weird for wondeirng what the latin name for Cat is. Us cat lovers CONSTANTLY have an abundance of seemingly-absurd, cat-related questions. Or maybe you’re just really into language and etymology? Either way, it’s a valid question!

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What is the latin name for cat

The latin name for cat is “Feles” and the scientific name is “Felis Catus” both of these words refer to a cat. The cool thing about the word Feles is that it has multiple meanings in latin. It can also mean thief (has your cat ever stolen food off of your plate?) Mouser is another word that’s covered be Feles, for obvious reasons! 

Felis Catus is the scientific name using binomial nomenclature. Felis is that 

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Feles Etymology Word Origin

The origin of the latin word Feles is still unknown to this day. The Latin language was developed over 2700+ years ago.

The latin alphabet was derived from multiple other alphabets and languages. Yet still to this day we have no idea what made someone look at a cat and call it “Feles” in the latin language when it was first formed. 

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What Is Felis Catus

Felis Catus is the scientific name for cat. As you’ll remember from 10th grade biology, Carl Linnaeus developed “binomial nomenclature” where living things have a two-word “scientific” name. 

It was Linnaeus who first proposed that a cat’s scientific name be “Felis Catus” and later domesticated cats were proposed to be called “Felis Catus Domesticus.” 

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