Why Does My Cat Meow In The Bathroom?

Why Does My Cat Meow In The Bathroom?

Being confused by your cat’s behavior is nothing new to cat owners. Cats are very smart, but they’re also very peculiar creatures. In your mind, you might think your cat is crazy for meowing in the bathroom, licking blankets, or eating earwax. But your cat always has a reason! 

Cats have only been meowing to communicate since humans domesticated them. In the wild, cats only meow when they’re very young to get their mother’s attention. This means if your cat is meowing, then they’re trying to get your attention and/or tell you something. 

“Okay, I get it, cats meow to communicate, but Why does my cat meow in the bathroom of all places?”

Your cat meows in the bathroom because they’re trying to tell you something. But just why are they choosing the bathroom to meow rather than running up to you and meowing like normal? Obviously different cats with different personalities will meow for different reasons, but here’s a list of possibilities:

  • The Bathroom Smells Like You – Cats rely on scents A LOT more than people realize. The bathroom is where you do your business, and it’s also where you might leave clothes, towels, or other items that smell like you. 

  • Your Cat Wants Fresh Water – Seeing you brush your teeth or was your face shows the cat that there is fresh water nearby. A LOT of cats love to drink water straight from the tap, your kitty might simply be thirsty.

  • The Steam Feels Good To Them – Some cats feel comfort in the bathroom after their human takes a steamy shower. Your cat might be asking where the steam is. 

  • They Hear Something – Cats can hear much better than us humans can. Tiny noises behind the walls catch their attention easily. This might be from the plumbing, or there may be a tiny bug or rodent back there.

  • Cats Smell Your Soap – When you take a shower, you likely use the same soap every time. This makes your skin smell like the soap, and cats associate that with you. When cats walk into the bathroom it’s like they’re hit with a VERY familiar smell!

  • Bathrooms Have Great Acoustics – If your cat needs your attention then they’ll meow. The bathroom has loud and echo-y acoustics. This makes your cat feel like they can get your attention by being louder than normal. 
Why does my cat meow in the bathroom

Why Does My Cat Meow When I'm In The Bathroom?

The reasons above mostly apply to scenarios when your cat goes into the bathroom to meow without you in there as well. If you’re in the bathroom and your cat starts meowing then it’s likely because:

  • Your cat wants to either be let in the bathroom or let back out into the house
  • They want to join you in the shower but don’t want to get wet
  • Fresh water is available from the sink and they want you to turn it on
  • It’s simply part of their routine to be with you in the bathroom while you get ready for work (or whenever you’re normally in there)

How Do I Get My Cat To Stop Meowing In The Bathroom?

Let’s get a couple of things out of the way. First, if you feel your cat is meowing, yowling, or crying because something is wrong with them then you need to call your vet ASAP. Second, cats meow, it’s just what they do. NEVER scold your cat for meowing!

The most effective way to get your cat to stop meowing in the bathroom is to try and figure out what they want from you. Do they want you to turn the sink on so they can drink out of it? Do they want you to pet them? Are they asking for you to open the door?

Again, your cat is meowing for some reason. It’s your job to try and figure out what that reason is. The fact that it happens in the bathroom should help you narrow down your options. It’s also entirely possible that your cat is meowing in the bathroom simply because you’re in there and they just want attention from you or want to tell you they love you! 

Why Does My Cat Stare At Me When I Go To The Bathroom?

Aside from meowing, you might also notice that your cat just seems to stare at you when you’re in the bathroom. There’s a few reasons why your cat might be exhibiting this behavior:

First, cats process information differently than we do. If your cat is staring at you then they might be trying to process something. Maybe they’re wondering what you’re doing. Maybe they hear the sounds of the pipes creaking behind the walls that us humans don’t always hear. It’s the same reasons why cats stare at walls!

Second, they might be staring at you in the bathroom simply because you usually have their undivided attention. Your cat might be staring at you at other times throughout the day but you’re too busy watching TV, cooking dinner, doing laundry, etc… to notice. They know when you’re in the bathroom that you likely won’t be distracted.

Third, the bathroom really plays into their senses. Cats obviously have a strong sense of smell. They know what your shampoo smells like. In the bathroom the smell of your shampoo may be strong. They might be staring at you while trying to figure out how they smell you so much stronger right now. 

Cats Know When You're Mad!

Your Cat's Peculiar Behavior ALWAYS Has Meaning

We can’t stress this enough: Cats are very peculiar animals, but everything they do has a reason. A random burst of energy, licking your nose, eating earwax, staring at walls, and the list goes on and on. Cats have a reason for doing everything they do. (Be sure to check out our Cat Questions to learn more!)

The point we’re trying to make is that your cat is meowing for a reason. Are they lonely? Hungry? Bored? Anxious? Try and hunt down the root cause of their meowing to see what you can do to help them. Again, NEVER scold a cat for meowing and always call your vet if you have any concerns about your cat or their behavior. 

Featured Image by Zülal Kaya via Pexels

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