How Much Are Kittens At Petco?

How Much Are Kittens At Petco

Getting a new kitten is always exciting! We always encourage our readers to not shop for kittens or cats at breeders and instead go through rescue organizations. Local pet stores, such as Petco, often partner with various animal rescue operations that let you adopt kittens and cats right there at the store. 

Whether you’re getting a kitten directly through an organization, adopting a kitten from craigslist, or going through a big store like Petco or Petsmart, be sure to check out our New Kitten Checklist to ensure your bases are covered! 

It’s important to note that Petco does not directly sell kittens. Instead, Petco partners with various local animal rescue organizations to help get more visibility with their current adoptable kittens and cats. 

Adopting a kitten from Petco can cost on average anywhere from $50-$200+. This varies depending on which location you’re at, which rescue organization is offering the kittens for adoption, and also by the specific kitten or cat you’re considering adopting. 

Different rescue organizations have different fees for adopting kittens and cats from big stores like Petco. 

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Should I Get A Kitten From A Pet Store?

The very first question you should ask when considering getting a kitten from a pet store is whether or not they partner with local rescue organizations and/or humane societies. You should NEVER buy any pet from a pet store that acts like a “puppy mill” or “kitten mill”

There are so many amazing adoptable animals that need to be rescued. Buying a kitten from a “mill” or a breeder just encourages these people and companies to churn out animals for the sake of profit. Oftentimes these animals are raised in terrible conditions and are weened from their mothers far too early. 

The only time you should ever get a kitten from a pet store is if that pet store is working with a local rescue organization or humane society. That’s it. No exceptions. Even if you’re looking for a specific breed, check the local agencies and shelters first. has two very desirable breeds: Bengal (not good for first-time cat owners) and Norwegian Forest Cat. Both of these cats were rescued and were NOT purchased from breeders. It’s entirely possible with good research and a little patience to find specific breeds. 

How Much Is It To Declaw A Kitten At Petco

This question seems to pop up online a lot so we figured it would be worth it to include a snippet in this article. Here’s the answer: NO MATTER WHAT THE COST IS, YOU SHOULD NEVER DECLAW YOUR CATS OR KITTENS!

Declawing a kitten or a cat is a VERY painful procedure for them. It’s not as simple as a human cutting their fingernails really short. Declawing a kitten would be the same as you taking a toddler and amputating their fingertips at the first joint. 

Let me say this again in a different way. Declawing a kitten or a cat is literally the same as torturing them. 

Are Kittens Cheaper At Petco

Petco’s adoption fees are based on the rescue organization that your local store has partnered with. Since Petco doesn’t sell kittens directly, it’s up to the adoption agency to set the fees for adopting a kitten or a cat. 

The price for adopting a kitten at Petco is going to be about the same price as adopting a kitten directly from the rescue organization or humane society that they’ve partnered with for that specific store. 

However, if you’re simply looking for the cheapest possible kitten then maybe you should reconsider adopting a kitten altogether.

Kittens and cats should be looked at as if they were your own kids. You need to make sure they have healthy food, proper medical care, plenty of mentally and physically stimulating toys, litter boxes and litter that they feel comfortable using, an emergency fund should any major issues come up, etc.. and the list goes on and on. Adopting a kitten isn’t something you should be doing on a budget. 

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